Corllins University has launched its distinct partnership program for individuals and organizations that can collaborate with Corllins University to assist Corllins in its mission to provide quality education on a global scale.

In order to collaborate and join Corllins Partnership Program, all an individual or institution has to refer a student’s submissions and information to Corllins University. In return the institution or individual will receive great earnings, enhanced reputation for business and support from the global leader in online education, Corllins. Whether you are a spokesperson of any educational institution, student or an entrepreneur or an NGO’ representative, you can greatly receive numerous benefits by joining the Corllins University Partnership Program.

Following are some of the key benefits of Corllins Partnership Program:

1. Earn great revenues and strengthen your profits with smaller investments
2. There are no extra operational, primary or other expenses plus there is no contract, setup or monthly fee
3. Completely control the database of students you refer, through flexible and basic account management process
4. 24/7 support for any information you need regarding the Partnership Program.