October 2009

Corllins University is offering a superior Graduate Diploma Program at only $2,995. The Graduate Diploma Program program offered by Corllins University is ideal for those students and working adults who want to start a great career and study at their own pace with flexiblity. The graduate diploma program offered by Corllins University is duly accredited and has been created while focusing on the current market trends and requirements.


Corllins University offers a high quality Undergraduate Course Certificate Program at only $399. The undergraduate certificate course program offered by Corllins offers quality, ease, affordibility and flexibility for students and working adults. Corllins provide accredited and recognized undergraduate certificates and course certificates in a diverse range of fields so that its students have a variety of different options to choose from.

Corllins University offers the following degree, diploma and certificate programs based on your prior learning and assessment. All the PLA Programs offered by Corllins allow students to earn their credentials and start or advance a career in competitive fields such as business, education, IT and health care. All degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by Corllins University are completely accredited and carefully designed to prepare students for tomorrow’s working world.


Corllins University offers full time education programs in various fields of study and offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in more than 50 majors. Students can earn their associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree or graduate or undergraduate diploma or certificate from Corllins University in the most convenient, flexible and quickest way. Best of all, students can earn their degree while still having time for their job, family and other commitments.

Corllins University provides lifetime credential verification service to its graduates. Through our education verification service, the prospect employers or educational institutions are ensured that the credentials of our students are 100% authentic and credible. As soon as you are approved for your desired degree or diploma, you are entitled to avail our Credential Verification Service, even before you receive your graduation package.

Corllins University offers accredited online certificate programs listed below. Select your preferred program from below to learn more about its eligibility criteria, application process, and other details. Corllins University provides undergraduate certificate and course certificate programs completely online through the most flexible, quick, convenient and affordable way. Corllins provide accredited and recognized undergraduate certificates and course certificates in a diverse range of fields.

Corllins University is proud to launch its top notch education verification services. Through Corllins education verification service, students can send a request to Corllins for the verification of their degrees to their current employer or potential employers. Corllins will provide a verification certificate which will state that the degree in question is 100 percent genuine and has been awarded by an accredited institution.

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